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ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 9

ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 2 | Fitter Multiple Choice Question Set Part 2 | Practice question for ITI students trade Fitter | Fitter trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) Which graphical representation of the
activities performed during manufacturing?
(2.) Which coupling is used in the place for slight relative movement is required?
(3.) Which is the imaginary circle on two matting gears?
(4.) What is the name of radial distance between the pitch circle and root circle in gears?
(5.) How to improve the gripping property of the dried belt?
(6.) Which type of belt fastener used on heavy duty machine?
(7.) What is the name of copper ore?
(8.) Which are the alloys of brass metal?
(9.) Why aluminium is used widely in aircraft
(10.) What is the name of the metal extract from ore galena?
(11.) Which metal alloys is used to make friction bearing?
(12.) What is the melting point of nickel?
(13.) What metal is used to make agricultural
equipment like ploughs and blades?
(14.) Which metal powder is used in calorising
process to prevent corrosion of steel component?
(15.) Which type of brass sheet is used for deep drawing?
(16.) Which type of bronze metal has excellent
antifriction properties?
(17.) Which ore is extraction of aluminium?
(18.) What is the composition of leaded gunmetal of copper, zinc and tin?
(19.) What is the name of alloy consist copper and zinc?
(20.) Which metal used to make alligator type
(21.) What is the purpose of jockey pulley in belt drive?
(22.) Which power drive will transmit motion at constant velocity without creep and slippage?
(23.) Which coupling provides rigid connection
between two shafts?
(24.) Which pulley can transmit the power to shaft different heights and at varying distance?
(25.) Which gear run more silently?
(26.) Which documentation record is used to know batch number, date of allocation, product identify and size of batch?
(27.) What is the percentage composition of lead in lead bronze bearing material?
(28.) What is the percentage of copper in malachite ore?
(29.) Which metal is basically an alloy of copper and tin?
(30.) Why copper is extensively used in electrical cables and appliances?
(31.) Which metal is extracted from cassterite?
(32.) Which coupling will have disengaging
(33.) Which drive is used for long distance and larger amount of power transmission?
(34.) Which chain drive provide noiseless and
uniform drive?
(35.) Which gear is symetrical to each other and transmit motion at right angle?
(36.) Which metal is used to make head of a
soldering iron?
(37.) How the shifting of belt is enabled from fast to loose pulley?
(38.) Where helical gears are used?
(39.) Where universal coupling used?
(40.) Which type of drive is used for shortest
distance and for large amount of power
(41.) Which belt slip less in power transmission?
(42.) Which type of belt length cannot be altered and reused with fastner?
(43.) Which type of belt drive is used to obtain different speed ratio?
(44.) Which energy is converted in hydraulic
(45.) Which type of valve connections are opened or closed by means of spool slide?
(46.) How hydraulic transmission force is
(47.) Which valve is used to permit fluid flow in one direction and block flow in opposite direction?
(48.) Which valve has two inlet / one outlet in hydraulic / pneumatic system?
(49.) Why in hydraulic pump the filter is installed in suction line?
(50.) Which valve is used for fine control of flow in pipe line?

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