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ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 10

ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 10 | Fitter Multiple Choice Question Set Part 10 | Practice question for ITI students trade Fitter | Fitter trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) Which valve is used to permit fluid to flow in one direction and block the flow in oppsite direction?
(2.) Which valve protect against excessive
pressure in hydraulic system?
(3.) Which gauge indicates pressure valve above the atmospheric pressure?
(4.) Which pressure value is read through
pressure gauge?
(5.) Which formula is used to calculate the
(6.) Which formula is used to calculate the
absolute pressure?
(7.) What is the unit of pressure in SI unit?
(8.) Which term is a metric unit of pressure equal to 1,00,000 pascal?
(9.) What is the value of bar in metric unit of pressure?
(10.) Which formula is used to calculate force?
(11.) What is the unit of force in SI unit?
(12.) What is the volumetric efficiency of piston type motor?
(13.) Which parameter is specified to design
(14.) How many types are there in Hydromotors?
(15.) How direction control valves are classified?
(16.) Which gauge indicates the amount of fluid pressure in the hydraulic system?
(17.) What is the name of adjustable restrictor?
(18.) What is the operating voltage of electro
(19.) Which system gets compressed air as energy inputs?
(20.) What is the science that you study the
properties and application of air?
(21.) Which pressure value is measured with
respect to perfect vacuum?
(22.) Which system is used to move load with less efforts?
(23.) Which actuation is under the applications of pneumatics?
(24.) Which system uses liquid as transmitting
(25.) Which valve is used to control the direction of the flow of fluid?
(26.) Which part of the single acting cylinder is attached with the load?
(27.) Which device in pneumatics is used for
converting pressure energy of compressed air in to mechanical energy?
(28.) What is the purpose of direction control
valve in hydraulic system?
(29.) Where ram is used in hydraulic linear
(30.) Which energy is converted by hydro static pressure of the oil?
(31.) Which valve block flow in one direction and allow free flow in the other direction?
(32.) Where hydraulic by-pass circuit is used in common?
(33.) Which energy is present in oil by virtue of its motion?
(34.) Which property of oil that controls the flow in hydraulic system?
(35.) What is the name of the device used to
remove dust, chips and other foreign particles from the fluid?
(36.) Which valve is used as interface between the electrical and pneumatic system?
(37.) Which valve is used for mechanical position to sense in machine automation system?
(38.) Which valve is an orifice or restrictor in hydraulic system?
(39.) Which device enables different flow rate of oil?
(40.) What is the periodic oil drain from the
(41.) Which type of filter is used for trapping various sizes of particular matter?
(42.) Which type of filter is used to remove
ferrous materials from oil in hydraulic system?
(43.) Which property in hydraulic oil function is medium for heat transfer?
(44.) Which device is used for handling and
removing contamination from hydraulic oil?
(45.) What is the defect caused by inter locked air bubbles and pockets in the hydraulic pipe lines and components?
(46.) What is the cause for oil flow under pressure while passing through the restricted passage?
(47.) Which valve prevents the system pressure
from rising too high if the pressure regulating valve fails?
(48.) Which causes more than 90% of hydraulic
system failure?
(49.) Which type of filter helps to protect the pump from fluid contaminations?
(50.) What is the property of lubricant that can withstand high pressure or load?

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