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UP Police Constable Previous Year Paper 27-01-2019 (shift -1) General knowledge MCQs

UP Police Constable Previous Year Paper 27-01-2019 (Shift -1) Gk MCQs. Prepare for your UP Police Constable Exam effectively with the comprehensive collection of previous year paper questions. Access a wide range of practice questions designed to enhance your knowledge and boost your performance. Master the exam content, improve time management, and increase your chances of scoring high. Start practicing now!

Question:- Rabindra Nath Tagore wrote the National Anthem of which of the following countries?

Question:- The traditional dress worn by the women of_______ is called Mekhela Chador.

Question:- Name Chandragupta’s son, who reigned between 298-272 BC and extended the empire throughtout the whole of India.

Question:- Who became the President of India after the tenure of Neelam Sanjiva Reddy?

Question:- Which of the following cities is NOT situated on the banks of the Godavari river?

Question:- Name the only island state of Australia.

Question:- India has the world’s largest reserves of which of the following radioactive metals?

Question:- Capital city of Venezuela is_______.

Question:- The Chitrakote Falls are situated in which state of India?

Question:- _________is the fraudulent act of acquiring private and sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, personal identification, and account usernames and passwords.

Question:- The 2018 Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences was awarded to William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer, both of whom are from________

Question:- Which film won the Best Popular Film award at the 65 th National Film Awards?

Question:- What is the title of the autobiography written by Indian boxer M.C. Mary Kom?

Question:- Which Indian has won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics?

Question:- According to Hindu legend, the divine king Rama of the Ramayana epic reigned in Ayodhya, the capital of_____

Question:- Which Kathak gharana focuses more on the spiritual aspects of the dance form?

Question:- Firozabad has been producing for more than 200 years.

Question:- At the battle of Bahadurpur in 1658, Shah Jahan’s second son Shah Shuja was defeated by Shah Jahan’s grandson_______

Question:- Which Uttar Pradesh district is also known as Pital Nagari”?

Question:- Who was sworn in as the Governor of Uttar Pradesh on 22nd July, 2014?

Question:- The Physical Efficiency Test for recruitment of constable civil police by Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board requires male candidates to run________

Question:- Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, has set up an office in ________with alumnus Sanjiv Khosla designated as the overseas brand ambassador of the institute.

Question:- All of the following are condensation polymers EXCEPT________

Question:- The best-quality hard coal that contains 80% to 95% carbon is_________

Question:- C60 is a molecule that consists of 60 carbon atoms, arranged as_____

Question:- Galvanising means covering steel with a thin layer of_______

प्रश्न:- महाधमनी के शीर्ष पर शुरू होती है।

प्रश्न:- नवंबर 2018 में किस भारतीय राज्य की विधान सभा भंग कर दी गई थी?

प्रश्न:- सरदार वल्लभभाई पटेल राष्ट्रीय पुलिस अकादमी (एम.वी.पी.एन.पी.ए.)______ के पास स्थित है।

प्रश्न:- नवंबर 2018 में भारत ने कौन से देश के साथ 500 मिलियन डॉलर के सौदे पर हस्ताक्षर किए हैं, जिसमें स्थानीय स्तर पर दो गोपनीय युद्ध-पोतों का निर्माण किया जाएगा?

प्रश्न:- भारत की पहली इंजन-विरहित स्पीड ट्रेन, ट्रेन-18,____ इंटीग्रल कोच फैक्ट्री द्वारा विकसित की गई थी।

प्रश्न:- जुलाई 1944 में संयुक्त राष्ट्र ब्रेटन वुड्स सम्मेलन में किस अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संगठन की कल्पना की गई थी?

Question:- Vedic civilisation flourished along the river__________

Question:- Which among the following is the oldest public sector bank in India?

Question:- The annual Indian Classical music festival Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav is held in__________

Question:- The Mughal emperor Jahangir built the Shalimar Garden in_______

Question:- How many parts does the Indian Constitution currently have?

Question:- Varghese Kurien was named the Chairman of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), by_________

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