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ITI ICTSM 100+ Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

ITI ICTSM (Information Communication Technology System Maintenance) Trade 100 MCQs Practice Questions Part 1 | Information Communication Technology System Maintenance Multiple Choice Question Set Part 1 | Practice question for ITI students trade ICTSM | ICTSM trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) Which one of the following parts of a computer looks like an animal?
(2.) Computer Monitor is also known as :
(3.) During discharging, the specific gravity of the electrolytes of a

lead acid battery-

(4.) In which of the following Piggybacking protocol technique is used?
(5.) An Internet is a :-
(6.) Checksum is used in Internet by several protocols although not at


(7.) What is the format of IPv4 address?
(8.) Which of the following are the Addresses of classes A, B and C?
(9.) Physical structure of computer is called .
(10.) The design of the Internet protocol suites adhere to the ________


(11.) A device that is used to connect a number of LANs is ?
(12.) Best Quality graphics is produced by
(13.) Which device is required for the Internet connection?
(14.) Which of the following is not a web server?
(15.) Memory which forgets everything when you switch off the power is

known as

(16.) Which type of Ethernet framing is used for TCP/IP and DEC net?
(17.) What is the access point (AP) in wireless LAN?
(18.) VDU is also called
(19.) In wireless ad-hoc network,
(20.) What allows you to print on both sides of the printer?
(21.) What does IPsec protect in the tunnel modes ?
(22.) Message authentication is a service beyond:-
(23.) Which of the following is a type of network?
(24.) An object acting as a gateway for the client side is called ____
(25.) What does that machine generally called which places the request

to access the data?

(26.) Server manager is a great tool for managing most of your server

settings and configuration all in one central place. Which one of the following Server manager Features is used for Storage management, replication and searching?

(27.) Prevent the loss of data during power failures
(28.) The entire hostname has a maximum of,
(29.) Servers handle requests for other domains,
(30.) Most common tool used to restrict access to a computer system /
(31.) DNS database contains,
(32.) The DHCP server,
(33.) Which command is used to record a user login session in a file?
(34.) To join the internet, the computer has to be connected to which among the following?
(35.) In OSI network architecture, the routing is performed by,
(36.) Internet access by transmitting digital data over the wires of a

local telephone network is provided by which one of the following?

(37.) User’s Primary Group id is listed in which file, at the time of

creation of the user (On a standard Unix system)?

(38.) A user can change the default log-in shell using ,
(39.) The /etc/passwd file doesn’t contain,
(40.) User id 0 is …?
(41.) The dmesg command…?
(42.) Translates and executes program at run time line by line
(43.) Zip disks has capacity
(44.) What resistance should be displayed while checking speaker in a computer?
(45.) The 741 IC OPAMP has ________pins.
(46.) A zip is a program used to
(47.) Device should not be direct plug in to UPS is…
(48.) . The roller that grabs the paper to feed it into the printer
(49.) Name of disk used for preventive maintenance of software …..
(50.) What should be the first step while OS upgrading?
(51.) What is indication that battery of mother board is exhausted?
(52.) Most common HP 12A (Q2612A) Toner Cartridge for HP Deskjet,

Officejet and Photosmart series….

(53.) The tracks of a hard disk is further sub divided in to ………?
(54.) A safety programme consists of
(55.) Maintenance related to the modification in the software due to changing atmosphere is….
(56.) For household wiring and small units, which should be used for

safety measure ?

(57.) What is safe inside temperature of a computer?
(58.) Tools required to cleaning of computer?
(59.) Multiple sheets of paper feed into a printer or copier because …..
(60.) . Function of Disk Defragment
(61.) When configuring a new interface card for installation, Valid I/O

address will be….

(62.) The ribbon is used in___
(63.) What should be the maximum earth resistance for industrial

machines and equipments?

(64.) What device is the wireless equivalent of a wired hub?
(65.) In case of electric fire, the fire extingusher used…..
(66.) Which can be thought of as an upturned mouse ball with

surrounding buttons?

(67.) IPSec is designed to provide the security at the..
(68.) Which is three-pin voltage regulator Ics?
(69.) Server manager is a great tool for managing most of your server

settings and configuration all in one central place. Which one of the

following Server manager Features is used for management of Public Key


(70.) Network that allows authorized access from outside users …..
(71.) Two dimensional positioning device in Laptop______?
(72.) What is a DNS client called?
(73.) What does a DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) provide to

a client?

(74.) Arrange according to the size
(75.) HDLC is….
(76.) What is DHCP used for?
(77.) Inspite of ON lamp of printer, it is not printing. How problem can be


(78.) Group scopes in active directory….?
(79.) In Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA), possibility of collision still

exist because of

(80.) Not a LAN hardware…..
(81.) A 25- pin female connector on the back of your computer will be typically of
(82.) Router and bridge is same in term of….
(83.) Electronic Fan regulator uses ….
(84.) Which phase of hacking performs actual attack on a network or


(85.) Process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors_______?
(86.) In differential mode of an OPAMP there is______ ?
(87.) Protocols are, set of rules for_____
(88.) In Linux everything stored as ____ ?
(89.) For what period of time is an IP assigned to a client by DHCP


(90.) The encrypted password of a user is stored in….
(91.) Which of the following identifiers associated with a process decide

its privilege level?

(92.) The command “mknod myfifo b 4 16″
(93.) Which command is used to set terminal IO characteristic?
(94.) baud means?
(95.) Unmodulated signal coming from transmitter is
(96.) Gateways are used to connect….
(97.) Repeater act like a
(98.) ______ does not provide a physical link between terminal and


(99.) LAN to LAN connection is provided with
(100.) Which pairs of protocols can use multiple TCP connections between

the same client and the server.

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