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ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 6

ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 2 | Fitter Multiple Choice Question Set Part 2 | Practice question for ITI students trade Fitter | Fitter trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) What is the extreme permissible sizes
within which the operator is expected to make the
(2.) What is the size of the component by
actual measurement after it is manufactured?
(3.) A dimension is stated as 25 ± 0.02 mm in a
drawing. What is the tolerance?
(4.) How to identify high spots while scraping?
(5.) What is the smaller of the two limits of
(6.) Which chart is used to record the skill of
the operator in practice?
(7.) Which bearing withstands load is parallel
to its axis?
(8.) Which belongs to Total Productive
(9.) What is the high level formula for the lean
manufacturing OEE?
(10.) What is the use of dowel in assembly
(11.) Which maintenance record mention the
date of commissioning of machine?
(12.) What is the name of activity carried out to
prevent break down of machinery in basic
(13.) What is the use of spring pins?
(14.) Which bolt in the assembly prevent the
relative movement between the workpieces?
(15.) Which assembly technique is similar to
riveting method?
(16.) Why extra clearance given between
bearing and journal in the aluminium alloy bearing?
(17.) Which metal is very soft and heavy in sheet metal work?
(18.) Which sheet metal withstand contact with
water and exposure to weather?
(19.) What is the purpose of drift in riveting
(20.) Which hammer is suitable for riveting?
(21.) Which notch is cut at an angle of 45° to the corner of the sheet metal?
(22.) Name the joint made by fastening two
edges of sheet metal together?
(23.) What is the flux used for soldering in the form of powder and evaporates while heating?
(24.) Which rivet is used to avoid the projection of rivet head?
(25.) What is the minimum distance between
the rivets to avoid bucking?
(26.) Which type of filler rod is used in gas
welding of stainless steel?
(27.) What will cause if the nozzle touches the molten pool?
(28.) What is the function of AC welding
(29.) What is the disadvantage of AC welding
(30.) Which arc welding machine can be used
anywhere in the field work even away from electric lines?
(31.) Which arc welding machine provides better heat distribution in the electrode and job?
(32.) What is the colour painted on the
acetylene gas cylinders?
(33.) What is the angle to be maintained in the blow pipe and filler rod in the left ward welding technic?
(34.) Which factor determine the current setting during welding?
(35.) What is the OCV for welding in step-down
transformer which reduces the main supply voltage (220 or 440 volts)?
(36.) Which is the welding machine designed to
supply both A.C and D.C current for welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals using all types of electrode?
(37.) What is the name of distortion occurs in
the weld direction?
(38.) What is the name of the the metal edge in an angle during welding and cutting operations?
(39.) Why the cylinder keys are not removed
from the cylinder while welding?
(40.) Which process blow out the cylinder valve socket before connecting the regulator?
(41.) What is the oxygen cylinder colour?
(42.) What is the storing capacity of oxygen
(43.) What is the equipment used to protect the body from flying spark during gas cutting?
(44.) How to extinguish the flame after use in
gas welding?
(45.) Why humming sound effects during arc
(46.) Which internal defect in welding is invisible to naked eye?
(47.) Which type of jig do not have base plate?
(48.) Which type of bush is used in jig to perform more than one operation in same location?
(49.) What is the purpose of grooves provided in the ‘V’ blocks?
(50.) Why the balancing weight is provided in the turning fixture?

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