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ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 4

ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 4 | Fitter Multiple Choice Question Set Part 4 | Practice question for ITI students trade Fitter | Fitter trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) Which term describes the axial movement
of screw in one complete turn?
(2.) How the size of drill bit is measured?
(3.) What is the helix angle of general purpose
(4.) Which part of a reamer is designed for the
removal of chips?
(5.) What is the purpose of type S twist drill?
(6.) What is the reason for rough holes in
(7.) Determine the drill size for finishing ø19
mm reaming hole (as per table under size 0.2 &
over size 0.05 mm)?
(8.) What is the reason if the drilled hole is
larger than the drill size?
(9.) What is the term, the top surface joining
the two sides of a thread ?
(10.) What V denotes in grinding wheel
specification 32A46H8V?
(11.) What type of abrasive wheel is used for
grinding die steel?
(12.) Which term indicates the amount of bond
present between the individual abrasive grains?
(13.) Which angle determines the rake angle of
(14.) What is the drill size for ø15 mm reaming
(15.) Why drilled holes are over sized in drilling
(16.) What is the name of the operation
producing flat seat on drilled hole?
(17.) What is the purpose of flute in drill?
(18.) What is the angle of countersink tool used
on holes to be threaded?
(19.) What is the formula to calculate the blank
size of external thread (where p=pitch and
(20.) Which type of thread, the crest and roots
are rounded to form a semi circle?
(21.) What 5 denotes in grinding wheel
specification 41A46H5U8?
(22.) Which type of bonded wheel is used in
foundries for dressing castings?
(23.) What type abrasive wheel is used for
grinding cemented carbides?
(24.) What is the value of one vernier division of
a vernier micrometer?
(25.) Why grey cast iron widely used for machine
(26.) What is the tap drill size for M20 x 15?
(27.) What is the drill hole size for 16 mm
(28.) What is the size of drilled hole for reaming,
ø 10 mm?
(29.) Why drilled holes are over size than drill
(30.) What is the counter sink angle of
chamfering in the end of drilled hole for threading?
(31.) Why centre screw is provided in the die
(32.) What 46 represent in standard marking
system of grinding wheel (32A46H8V)?
(33.) What is the colour of aluminium metal?
(34.) What H denotes in the specifications of
grinding wheel 32A46H8V?
(35.) What is the purpose of groover?
(36.) What is the material used to manufacture
(37.) Which is the operation of covering area of the metal with molten solder?
(38.) Which rivet is used in heavy structural
(39.) What is the name of tool is used to support the snap head rivet?
(40.) Which tool used in sheet metal work to
scribe a circle or arc with a large diameter?
(41.) Why burr form on the underside of the
sheet metal while shearing?
(42.) What is the use of groover in sheet metal work?
(43.) Which rivets are used in light assembly
(44.) What is the tool used to form the other
end of rivet head?
(45.) What type of mallet used for hollowing
panel beating?
(46.) Which stake is used to form an arc of a
circle bevelled along one side?
(47.) What is the maximum cutting capacity of
(48.) Which riveting tool is used to form the final shape of rivet?
(49.) Name the tool used to make fluid tight
joint in riveting?
(50.) What is the name of tool used to cut
thicker sheets?

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