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ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 3

ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 2 | Fitter Multiple Choice Question Set Part 2 | Practice question for ITI students trade Fitter | Fitter trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) Select the spindle speed (rpm) for H.S.S drill diameter 24 mm and cutting speed (V) = 30

m/min to drill mild steel.

(2.) Which one is used to bring the plates closely together after inserting the rivet in the hole?
(3.) What is the use of bent snips?
(4.) Name the zinc coated iron?
(5.) Calculate the weight of steel plate having length of 2000 mm, width of 500 mm, thickness of 4

mm and density of 7.85 g/cm3.

(6.) Which sheet metal is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion?
(7.) What is the use of stakes in sheet metal work?
(8.) What is the material of solder?
(9.) Which flux used for soldering steel?
(10.) What is the name of the process of finishing
the drilled hole?
(11.) Why hand reamers have uneven spacing of
(12.) What is the purpose of clearance angle in
twist drill?
(13.) What is the angle of counter sinking for
(14.) What is the reason for over heated drill while
(15.) What is the name of the operation to enlarge
the hole for given depth?
(16.) What will happen if the clearance angle of
drill is more?
(17.) What will happen if the spindle running out
of centre while drilling?
(18.) What A represents in grinding wheel
specification 32A46H8V?
(19.) What is to be done after dressing the
grinding wheel to run concentric?
(20.) What is the product obtained from blast
(21.) Which metal is used to manufacture
magnets, ball bearing and cutting tool?
(22.) How much copper contains in pyrites ore?
(24.) Which metal is resistant to many types of
(25.) What is the use of telescopic gauge?
(26.) Which method is suitable to remove the
broken stud very near to the surface?
(27.) What is the angle of counter sink head
(28.) Which angle is determined by the helix
angle in drill bit?
(29.) What is the use of reamer?
(30.) What is the use of reamer?
(31.) What is the purpose of type N twist drills?
(32.) Which reamer will have a long taper lead?
(33.) What is the function of pilot in the hand
reamer with pilot?
(34.) Which decides the point angle of drill?
(35.) What is the drill size for reaming a 10 mm
hole, if under size is 0.2mm and over size is
(36.) Which indicates the strength of bond in
grinding wheel?
(37.) What is the name of the defect, if the
surface of the grinding wheel develops smooth and
shining appearance?
(38.) Why agricultural equipment is made up of
wrought iron?
(39.) What is the range of carbon content in cast
iron alloy?
(40.) What is the operation of bevelling the end
of a drilled hole ?
(41.) What is the effect if clearance angle is
(42.) Which reamer is used for reaming internal
Metric morse tapered holes?
(43.) Which reamer has a long taper lead?
(44.) What is the defect if pores of the grinding
wheel get clogged?
(45.) Which cast iron has the ability to reduce
vibration and tool chattering in machine tools?
(46.) Which furnace is used to produce wrought
(47.) Which ore is used to extract zinc?
(48.) Which tool is used to check the internal
clearance of the bearing?
(49.) What is the angle of ACME thread ?
(50.) What is the advantage of centre screw in
die stock?

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