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ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 2

ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 2 | Fitter Multiple Choice Question Set Part 2 | Practice question for ITI students trade Fitter | Fitter trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) Why breakage of teeth occur easily while

sawing of thin walled work pieces and the start of

cut? |

(2.) Which part of universal surface gauge is used to set scriber at required position exactly?
(3.) Which chisel used for squaring materials at

the corners, joints?

(4.) Convert one metre into millimetre.
(5.) Name the property of metal which can be

drawn into wire without rupture.

(6.) Which caliper is used to find the centre of round bars?
(7.) What is the spindle movement of one

division of thimble with spindle thread of 0.5mm

pitch? |

(8.) Which chisel is used for cutting curved grooves?
(9.) What is the weight of hammer used for marking purpose?
(10.) What is the effect of improper method of diagonal filing?
(11.) Which chisel is used to remove excess metal from welded joint and castings?
(12.) Why chalk is applied on the face of the file?
(13.) What is the use of fine pitch hacksaw blades ?
(14.) Calculate the tap drill size for M10 x 1.25.
(15.) What is the use of feeler gauge? |
(16.) What operation is carried out in a gang

drilling machine? |

(17.) Which is an integral part of the stock in

vernier bevel protractor?

(18.) Which file is used to make the job close to

the finishing size?

(19.) Which file has the parallel edges throughout

the length?

(20.) What is the material to manfacture bench


(21.) Which marking media provide clear lines on

machine finished surfaces?

(22.) What is the purpose of slots provided in the

slotted angle plate?

(23.) Which caliper is used to mark the centre of

round bar?

(24.) Which is used for filling narrow grooves and

angles above 10°?

(25.) Name the defect that causes the metal chips

to clog between the teeth of file?

(26.) Which part of outside micrometer ensure a uniform pressure between the measuring surface?
(27.) What is the principle of micrometer?
(28.) How the wide range of depth can be measured by depth micrometer?
(29.) Which part of the bevel protractor contact with the inclined surface while measuring?
(30.) What happens if the vice handle is over tightened?
(31.) Which metal cutting saw is used to cut large cross section area?
(32.) Why marking tables are made up of cast iron?
(33.) Which file is used for manufacturing of dies and moulds?
(34.) What is the method of removing metal chips clogged between the teeth of files?
(35.) Which vice is used for holding small work that requires filing or drilling?
(36.) Which hacksaw blade is used for cutting along curved lines?
(37.) Which chisel is used for cutting keyways?
(38.) What is the purpose of Crowning on the cutting edge of chisel?
(39.) How to prevent the tool rubbing against the work surface in metal cutting process?
(40.) Name the property of metal that withstand shock or impact?
(41.) Which part is the measuring face fitted to the frame of outside micrometer?
(42.) How the drill chucks are held on the machine spindle?
(43.) Which drilling machine, the spindle head is moved towards or away from the column?
(44.) Which type of screw threads are rounded at the crest and root?
(45.) What is the formula to calculate tap drill size?
(46.) Which activity causes excessive wear and chattering of drill bit while drilling?
(47.) Which part of combination set is used to mark and check angle of 90° and 45°?
(48.) Why ribs are provided in the angle plate?
(49.) How much carbon content of steel is forgeable?
(50.) Which cutting fluid used for drilling in cast iron?

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