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ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 1

ITI Fitter Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 1 | Fitter Multiple Choice Question Set Part 1 | Practice question for ITI students trade Fitter | Fitter trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) Which one is personal safety ?
(2.) Flammable of liquifiables solids are classified as.
(3.) Which is the immediate life saving procedure ?
(4.) What is class of fire caused by fire wood , paper and clouth ?
(5.) Which fire extinguisher filled with carbon tetra chloride and bromo chlorodifluoromethane (BCF) .
(6.) Which comes under mechanical occupation hazards ?
(7.) How to stop bleeping of injured person ?
(8.) What is the period referred as golden


(9.) Which grinding machine is used for heavy duty work?
(10.) What is the first step of avoiding accident in

work place?

(11.) What is the colour code of bins for waste

paper segregation?

(12.) Which chisel is used for separating materials after chain drilling?
(13.) Which fire extinguisher is used for

flammable and running liquid fire?

(14.) Which file is used for sharpening the teeth of wood working saws?
(15.) Where will be the weight of the hammer stamped?
(16.) What will be the effect if the clearance angle of chisel is less than recommended angle while


(17.) Name the property of metal to resist the effect of tensile forces without rupture.
(18.) What is the accuracy of metric outside micrometer?
(19.) What is the accuracy of a try square?
(20.) Which punch is used for witness marks?
(21.) What is the name of the caliper having one leg with an adjustable divider point and other leg is


(22.) Which material is used to manufacture grade A V blocks?
(23.) Which chisel is used for removing materials on the corners of the keyways?
(24.) Which file is having rows of teeth cut in one direction?
(25.) Which file is used for filing wood and leather?
(26.) Why the cutting faces of files are slightly bellied on length wise?
(27.) Which pitch of blade is used for cutting bronze, brass and cast iron?
(28.) What happen if the clearance angle of chisel is too high?
(29.) Which type of hammer is used for riveting purpose?
(30.) What is the unit of cutting speed in drilling operation?
(31.) What is the minor diameter of thread?
(32.) Which is used to finish the resharpened divider point?
(33.) What is the use of bevel protractor?
(34.) Which vice is used for holding hollow cylindrical jobs?
(35.) What A denotes in ABC of first aid?
(36.) What is the pitch of hacksaw blade used to cut conduit and other thin tubes?
(37.) Which metal cutting saw is used for cutting different profiles?
(38.) What is the process of breaking down the

materials into organic compounds and can be used

as manure?

(39.) What is the reason for scratches produced on filed surface?
(40.) What is the colour code for plastic waste bin?
(41.) Why slight convexity is given on the face of hammer?
(42.) What is the use of a try square?
(43.) What is the name of angle between the axis of chisel and job surface while chipping?
(44.) Which marking media is poisonous?
(45.) Which part of universal surface gauge holds

the scriber?

(46.) What is the property of metal that permits no permanent distortion before breaking?
(47.) A new hacksaw blade after a few stroke,becomes loose because of?
(48.) Why the hand taps are chamfered at the lead?
(49.) Why surface plates are made of stress relieved good quality cast iron?
(50.) What is the main advantage of adjustable parallel block?

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