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ITI COPA Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 7

ITI COPA (Computer Operator Programming Assistant) Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 7 | Computer Operator Programming Assistant Multiple Choice Question Set Part 7 | Practice question for ITI students trade COPA | COPA trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) What is called the collective terms of malicious software, such as viruses, worms and trojans?
(2.) What is the full form of CIA under information security?
(3.) Which VBA built in function returns location at the second string occurs within the first string?
(4.) Which keyword is used to declare the variables in project scope ?
(5.) In VBA, How many types of access specifiers available in VBA?
(6.) Which type of variable cannot be declared within a procedure in VBA?
(7.) Which variable recognized only within the procedure in which it is declared?
(8.) How many levels of variable scope available in VBA?
(9.) What will be the output of the following VBA code? Debug.printformat(#1/1/2017#”yyyy/mm/ dd”) Debug.printformat (# 1/1/2017 #, yyyy / mm / dd “)?
(10.) Which function returns true if the expression is a valid date, otherwise it returns false in VBA?
(11.) What is the full form of UDF in VBA?
(12.) Which function returns the day of the month (number from 1 to 31) given date value in VBA?
(13.) Which function returns the current system date and time in VBA?
(14.) Which color of dot indicate the breakpoint in VBA?
(15.) Which shortcut key is used to set the properties of form while designing?
(16.) Which shortcut key is used to open code window in VBA?
(17.) Which mathematical function returns square root of a specified number in VBA?
(18.) Which VBA function is used to convert the string from uppercase to lowercase?
(19.) Which of the following is logical operator in VBA?
(20.) Which character is to be suffixed for long data type in VBA?
(21.) What is the process of writing instruction to be get executed by the computer?
(22.) Which is a statement terminator in javascript?
(23.) Who developed javascript?
(24.) Which web server provides good customer support if it had any issues?
(25.) Which web server has high performance stability simple configuration and low resosurce usge?
(26.) Which key is used to declare a variable in javascript?
(27.) Which is a variable seperator if more than one variable declared in one statement?
(28.) Which brackets is used to write array in java script?
(29.) Which bracket is used to write object in javascript?
(30.) What is the purpose module (%) operator in javascript?
(31.) How many part are there in ‘For’ loop?
(32.) Which part in loop evaluates the conditions?
(33.) How many types of error are there in javascript programming?
(34.) How many different values can be returned by the error name property in javascript ? |
(35.) Which object method is used to return the value rounded down to its nearest interger?
(36.) Which special variable holds more than one value at a time?
(37.) Which is the parameter name separator in javascript? |
(38.) Which function in javassript converts a number to a string?
(39.) Which allows developers to bundle all functionality under a unique application -specific name?
(40.) Which is a valid js code to sort element of an array tracle?
(41.) What is the full form of BOM?
(42.) What is the full form of TOC?
(43.) Which is the first phase of System Development Life Cycle?
(44.) What is the abbreviation of W3C in Dom?
(45.) What is the main purpose of JavaScript?
(46.) Which one is responsible of running javascript code?
(47.) Which one enables the hosting providers to mange multiple domains on a single server?
(48.) Which sign an ‘assignment’ operator in javascript?
(49.) Which data type in javascript returns the value True or false ?
(50.) Which operator is used to check both value and type in javascript?

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