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ITI COPA Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions – Part 5

ITI COPA (Computer Operator Programming Assistant) Trade 50 MCQs Practice Questions Part 5 | Computer Operator Programming Assistant Multiple Choice Question Set Part 5 | Practice question for ITI students trade COPA | COPA trade MCQ for ITI trainees.

(1.) Where does the file name of the active document displays?
(2.) How can we rectify the errors occurs while typing?
(3.) Which sequence of operation is required) to force page break in word document?
(4.) What is the first tag in html document?
(5.) What is the purpose of inserting header: and footer in document?
(6.) The <b> tag makes the enclosed text bold, which other html tag is used to make text bold?
(7.) What is the purpose of word wrap ?
(8.) What is purpose of thesaurus tool is MS Word?
(9.) Which html tag is used to display a picture in a webpage?
(10.) Which html tag inserts a line horizontally in a page?
(11.) What is the full form of CSS?
(12.) Which html tag is the smallest heading?
(13.) What is the another name of web address?
(14.) What are the two main parts, available m html document?
(15.) Which character in html is used to indicate end tag?
(16.) Which is used to publish the webpage to a web hosting server?
(17.) Which attribute is used with <td> tag to merge two cells horizontally?
(18.) Which tag creates a checkbox for a form in html?
(19.) Which html tag is used to add a row in a table ?
(20.) Which html tag is used to divide a row into data cell?
(21.) What type of software is Tally?
(22.) What is the purpose of financial management feature in Tally?
(23.) Which area in Tally screen provides quick access to different options? Button bar
(24.) Which is prepared to ascertain actual profit or loss of the business?
(25.) What is meant by current date in Tally?
(26.) Which are the things and properties for resale that converts into cash?
(27.) Who receives benefits without giving money immediately but liable to pay in future?
(28.) Which function key is used record fund transfer between cash and bank account?
(29.) Which document is issued by the receiver of cash to the giver of cash acknowledging the cash received voucher?
(30.) What is a summarized record of all the transactions to every person every property and every type of service?
(31.) Which is the main book of final entry for accounts?
(32.) What is termed as excess of credit side total amount over debit side total amount in profit and loss account?
(33.) Which book is used to record transactions relating to return of goods to suppliers?
(34.) 14. Which is a statement of assets and liabilities?
(35.) Which accounting system is incomplete and unscientific ?
(36.) What is the rule for real account?
(37.) Which shortcut key is used to activate calculator in Tally?
(38.) Which activity in Tally is used to find out the financial position of the organisation?
(39.) What ie referred to as huvina and selling of goods ?
(40.) Which factor determines the cost of the product?
(41.) What is the shortcut key to export the report in ASCII, SDF, HTML or XML format?
(42.) Which is the ledger grouping for bills receivable in Tally ERP9?
(43.) What is the purpose of security feature in Tallu?
(44.) Which term is used for receiving aspects of a transaction?
(45.) Which combination of key is used to change the financial period in Tally?
(46.) Which combination of key is used to launch “Tally Reference Manual”?
(47.) Which function of key is used the list / select a company in Tally?
(48.) Where does the transactions are entered, before taken to the appropriate ledger account?
(49.) Which term is used for the amount invested for starting a business by a person?
(50.) What is the purpose of Technological feature in Tally?

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